Life in Sydney lately: The Colo(u)r Run

As Billy Bragg once said: “You can experience the download but you can’t download the experience.” In other words, YouTube parties can hardly qualify as a substitute for the real thing.

A couple of weeks ago, we took part in the self-proclaimed “Happiest 5K on the Planet” aka “The Color Run”, a family-friendly fun run for those who don’t mind being a human canvas. Oh, it was no YouTube clip. It was real and it was awesome.

Each kilometre of the race features a colour-pelting station dedicated to a single hue: blue, pink, orange, green, yellow. As runners pass through each “colour zone”, clouds of powder get tossed on them by volunteers armed with mustard bottles filled with colour dust, culminating in a Pollock-esque colour riot at the end of the 5th kilometre.

Color Run Sydney
Runners start the race wearing white clothes, but they don’t stay immaculate for long.

Color Run Sydney
Powder-splattered, and powder-splattering, runners cross the finish line of The Color Run 5K in Sydney Parramatta Park.

Color Run Sydney
The vibrant colour floating through the air brings to mind the Holi festival of colours in India. (We were in Calcutta for the Holi celebrations 3 years ago, but that’s a story for another post.)

Color Run Sydney
Mumbai spirit in Sydney Olympic Park.

Color Run Sydney
Emerging from the clouds of colour, was our awesome team!
Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney

And who deserves a good wash now?

Color Run Sydney

Color Run Sydney


  1. Hi Eve,
    First of all compliments for your great blog.

    I work in Pomegranate, a small independent digital marketing agency in London.
    One of your images is very cool and we were wondering if there is any chance we could use it for our marketing.

    If you are interested to allow us to use it, please drop me an email. I wrote this comment because I couldn’t find any contact details here.

    So many thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Eve,
    I love your photography, it captures so much of how I wish more experiences would be designed, with or without technology.
    I’m launching a blog on designing collaborative experiences and wonder if I might be able to use your image at
    as my header till I have my own collaborative projects to show.
    I’m happy to provide a link to your blog and keen to hear your opinions.
    Best wishes,

    • Eve

      Hi Krister,
      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, that’s fine, you can use this photo for your blog. I simply ask that you credit me.
      Thanks. Eve

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