Weekend gateaway

A couple weekends ago, the three of us got a little getaway, finally getting some much needed beach time. It was our first time to Montauk and it was so charming and pretty. The town has endless cafes, cute shops, flowers and fruit stands. We stayed right on the beach and hardly anyone was there. It was so quiet and relaxing. We don’t often get a chance to slow down our days, enjoy time as a family, be more present, listen to each other. The closer my life gets to the ocean, the happier (cheesier?) I become.

Montauk Mai 2016-2
Happy place.

Montauk Mai 2016

Montauk Mai 2016-4
Discovering American cuisine.

Montauk Mai 2016-7
La piscine.

Montauk Mai 2016-8

Montauk Mai 2016-9
Hot dogs or legs? I don’t even look pregnant from that angle!

Montauk Mai 2016-10
Discovering Mexican gastronomy.

Montauk Mai 2016-11

Montauk Mai 2016-12

Montauk Mai 2016-13
Throwing rocks.

Montauk Mai 2016-14

Montauk Mai 2016-15

Montauk Mai 2016-5American gastronomy.

Montauk Mai 2016-16Throwing rocks.

Montauk Mai 2016-17

Montauk Mai 2016-18

Montauk Mai 2016-19

Montauk Mai 2016-20Making up for all the junk food?

Montauk Mai 2016-21

Montauk Mai 2016-22

Montauk Mai 2016-23
And… throwing rocks.

Montauk Mai 2016-24
I need more of this in my life.

Montauk Mai 2016-25

Montauk Mai 2016-26

Montauk Mai 2016-27

Montauk Mai 2016-28
Family selfie. Also, don’t mind G’s weird hand posturing (?) and V’s face (He liked it!). They’re both tricksters.

Montauk Mai 2016-29


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